New brand, who dis? ✌️

Jitty Team
March 11, 2024

A few months ago James, Daniel and Graham started working on a better way for people to discover and buy homes 🏡

We're just starting to talk about it publicly, and first up we wanted to introduce our name. Coming up with it was hard.

Graham and James locked themselves in a room for a day, and just chatted about what we're doing and why. We wrote down any words that jumped out as powerful and important. We talked about walking to friends homes when we were young, and how those homes still hold so many memories for us even though our friends don’t live there any more.

We spoke about the passage between homes, literal (alleyways) and metaphorical (the move itself). James described an alley as a “jitty”, which Graham had never heard before. Apparently it’s a midlands term for an alleyway, which sounded very cute. It stuck.

So we'd love to introduce you to our new name, and new brand: Jitty.