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What's a Jitty anyway?

James Storer
March 11, 2024

We’re Jitty, a new AI-powered property search engine. Whether you say “Jitty”, or “Jitteh” (for the Leicestershire faithful), or, maybe to you it’s just an alleyway.

Jitty has a simple mission — to transform the way people find and buy homes.

I said simple, not easy 😅. Naturally, with such a tall goal and as a growing business we needed a brand that reflected our vision for Jitty.

Visual Identity

Our visual identity is built around this idea of simplicity, we wanted to create a bold, joyful and recognisable identity.

We have created a custom wordmark that incorporates a “Jitty” into the connecting “t’s”. Our symbol is a combination of a home, a smile, and a checkmark.

Home-buying, completed it ✅

Palette, typography & visual style

Our core brand colour is Plum Pink, it headlines our bright & vibrant palette. But more than that, we also have a range of supporting secondary colours that complement and contrast with our primary colour, adding extra emphasis where needed.

Our primary typeface is a geometrical sans-serif called Roobert from Displaay type foundry. We love it’s Moog inspired character and mono-linear geometry making it well suited for body copy and display type.

The housing market and peripheral services (i.e. mortgages, insurance etc.) are flooded with generic people photography. So we wanted to balance this with a mix of imagery for a human touch with an illustrative a style that was unique to Jitty.

Our new approach uses our palette to great extent with brighter colours, flat perspective and solid block shadows to make things feel a bit more visually striking.


We have put a lot of thought into how we will continue to evolve our brand over the next few years. Whether we move into different markets or create materials for agents in addition to being a consumer-focussed brand.

Our identity has a lot of flexibility, as we have intentionally left room for growth so that as our business matures, our brand will still be effective for us.

Many thanks to Twist Design for their help in the early iterations of our branding.

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